VWMB Meat Products

Vic Wide Meat Brokers proudly make and supply their own sausages, silverside, marinated beef and honeycomb tripe. Other meat products can be made to order. Brand packaging is also available.


VWMB's variety of sausages are produced on site with fresh beef and pork trimmings blended through a mixer/mincer to produce one of Australia's finest traditional butcher's sausage.

Natural Sausages

Thin Plain Natural Skin (20kg carton)
Thick Plain Natural Skin (7kg carton)
Collagen Plain Skin (20kg carton)

Flavoured Sausages

All flavoured sausages packed into 7kg average carton weight.

Beef - Cornish (Steak + Vegetable)
Beef - Herb + Garlic
Beef - Tomato + Onion
Beef and pork- Mild Continental
Beef and Pork- Hot Continental
Beef - Steak + Onion
Beef - Mushroom + Onion
Beef - Cheese + Vegemite
Beef - Bacon
Beef - Worcestershire + Cracked Pepper
Chicken - Chive
Chicken - Garlic
Chicken - Bacon
Lamb - Honey, Mint + Rosemary
Pork - English (Thick Natural Skin)
Pork - Fennel

Corned Silverside
Corned Silverside

VWMB produce corned silverside of a low salt variety with first class ingredients. We only inject YG (Yearling Grade) quality which results in silverside that is second to none.

Marinated Beef
Marinated Beef

Our delicious marinated roasting beef is all Yearling Grade quality. The marinade infuses a lovely tender taste into the beef to produce a first class product.



If you would like more information about our range of products or to place an order please contact us.